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Columbia Plateau Ecoregion: Climate-Gradient Corridor Addendum Analyses

This addendum to the Washington Connected Landscapes Project: Columbia Plateau Climate-Gradient Corridor Analysis (WHCWG 2013) presents supplemental connectivity mapping products for the Columbia Plateau Ecoregion. It includes supplemental maps and guidance that can help prioritize and implement connectivity conservation actions that may benefit species under climate change. The analyses presented in the addendum build upon the climate-gradient corridors modeled for the Columbia Plateau Ecoregion and surrounding buffer area (WHCWG 2013).

The supplemental products in this addendum include maps, interpretive examples, and GIS files depicting linkage pinch-points and barriers and restoration opportunities for climate-gradient corridors in the Columbia Plateau.

Questions and decisions these analyses may help inform include but are not limited to:
•    Where are important areas on the landscape for maintaining connectivity in a changing climate?
•    Where should further disturbance to climate-gradient corridors be avoided?
•    Where along climate-gradient corridors linkages is potential movement highly or moderately constrained?
•    Are there areas where alternatively climate-gradient corridors may not be available?
•    Where in a climate-gradient corridor will restoration efforts have the greatest effect on climate-connectivity?

We encourage use of this analysis to support the development and implementation of innovative strategies and efforts to help fulfill the vision of a connected Columbia Plateau in Washington.


Columbia Plateau Climate-Gradient Corridor Analysis Addendum.

Citation: Washington Wildlife Habitat Connectivity Working Group (WHCWG). 2014. Columbia Plateau Climate-Gradient Corridor Analysis Addendum: Pinch-Points and Barriers and Restoration Opportunities. Washington’s Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Department of Transportation, Olympia, WA.

Data layers from analysis

Data layers have been packaged into a zip folder from the addendum analysis.  If you have trouble downloading these packages, please contact us.

Columbia Plateau Climate-Gradient Corridor Addendum Data Layers.  This zip file contains the pinch-points and barriers data layers for climate-gradient corridors, as well as overlays with focal species pinch-points and barriers.  These data layers are also available for download in our Databasin Washington Connected Landscapes Project gallery.