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Data Layer Use Constraints: Regional scale analyses

The following use constraints are associated with WHCWG data from the Washington Connected Landscapes Project:  Statewide Analysis and Climate Gradient Corridors Report.

The Washington Wildlife Habitat Connectivity Working Group (WHCWG) produced these data which represent a regional analysis that portrays conditions at a regional scale. Applying these data at finer, more local scales is likely to increase uncertainty in terms of accuracy and applicability for local land use decisions. However, for the scale at which they were developed, these products are state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed representations of landscape variables and connected habitat networks. Despite this, the WHCWG makes no guarantee concerning the content, accuracy, completeness, or the results obtained from queries or use of WHCWG data, other than those for which the data was developed and its intended use. The WHCWG shall not be held liable for improper or incorrect use of the data described and/or contained herein.

The WHCWG model input data were obtained from a wide range of state and federal jurisdictions in the USA, as well as from Canadian federal and provincial levels of government. The WHCWG expended great effort to compile the best GIS data within constraints imposed by data development costs, available compilation sources, and available staff resources. Inherent in any data set used to develop graphical representations, are limitations of accuracy as determined by, among others, the source, scale and resolution of the data.

The products and data from this statewide analysis convey a wealth of information relevant to conservation of Washington’s wildlife and though they represent the state of the art, they rely on imperfect data, knowledge, and assumptions. We strongly suggest that readers thoroughly understand our methods and the limitations of those methods prior to applying our results. The data user should note Chapters 2 and 4 and appendices in the WHCWG December 2010 final report for further details.