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Peer Review

Statewide Analysis

Peer review of our statewide products was a critical step in our process. Both our study plan and final statewide report were reviewed by our external peer review committee, comprised of national experts in the field of connectivity including Paul Beier, Nick Haddad, Jodi Hilty, and Dave Theobold.  This review was critical not only for the success of our statewide analysis, but for informing our work to follow.

Species lead Bill Gaines presents his draft products. Nov 2009.

In addition to our peer review committee, we engaged species experts to review our methodology and products as they are developed for each of our 16 focal species. Within our working group, members were assigned to be a species lead that would engage species experts as they developed their models. On November 10, 2009, we hosted our first Wildlife Experts Workshop to review draft products.

A technical review was held in fall 2010 for a full review of all draft products in the statewide analysis.  We utilized events throughout the production of the analysis to gain feedback as the products were in development.