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Ecoregional Analysis

Ecoregional Map

Ecoregional Map

Complementing the statewide habitat connectivity analysis, we intend refine and repeat our analysis process at the ecoregional scale to provide finer scale data that is more applicable to localized planning and to assess the needs of species associated with more patchily distributed habitats and species with limited ranges and smaller movement scales. These species are likely to have important habitat requirements that are not adequately addressed at the statewide scale.

To date we have completed ecoregional scale analyses in the Columbia Plateau ecoregion, and have initiated dialogues in other ecoregions to assess the need.

Due to data challenges across the border, we explored a different approach with our transboundary partners in British Columbia for finer scale analyses in the transboundary region.  We applied this new approach in the Okanagan-Kettle subregion, and will continue to seek creative solutions to effectively downscale connectivity science across borders.

As we continue our work, other partners in research and land management are conducting finer scale connectivity science to complement the statewide analysis.  We aim to track this work on our resources page.